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15 Best Color Combinations for your House Exterior

May 9, 2019

The exterior of your house speaks about your lifestyle. Most of the homeowners pay a lot of attention when selecting the best color combinations for house exterior. The exterior of the house is the first thing people see when they enter inside your property. The selection of two colors give a stylish look to your house. Furthermore, two more hues will help you to highlight the architectural details of your property. If planning to paint your property with best colors, then you should hire the exterior painters Cape Cod from an expert company like The Barnstable Painters. The competent crew will do the painting job using the right techniques and equipment.

You might be thinking, how to choose exterior paint colors for your house? To help you out in selecting the best color for your property, following are the best combinations:

1-Putty and Gray

Looking for a soft neutral color for your house, then this combination will offer you a stylish look and will complement with the surrounding as well. Choosing this color, you will get a simple, tradition, and elegant look all in one place.

2-Two-Tone Olive

First, on the list, we have deep natural olive colors that will look great with your landscape having greenery in the surroundings. If you are planning to give striking look, then you should go for a yellow-orange stain on your front door to add a striking element to your property. This color combination will be the best dark green exterior house color ideas.

3-Red and Black

Red is one of the classic colors from the list. This color looks good when used for the small houses. Moreover, you can use the black color as an accent for the doors and shutters. To make the look more prominent and great you can paint the trims white.

4-Straw and Sage

Wondering, how to choose interior house colors? According to interior designers, a balanced look will provide a good curb appeal to your property. You can start with a neutral shade in straw yellow as a welcoming palette. For accents, sage green will provide a traditional architecture look for your house. This combination will give you a classic look.

5-Gray and Blue

Gray is one of the best neutral colors that will look best and goes well with the style of your house. It will compliment your house bricks. The more saturated shutters will give you a sophisticated accent and will bring the color of the sky and sea on your property.

6-Green, Burgundy, and Cream

If you are having a Victoria style home, then these three color cream, burgundy and cream will be the best combination for your house. This bold color scheming will give a dramatic yet warm appearance to your property. Keeping these color in mind, you can select the interior house color properly.

7-Charcoal and Lime

Some people like to have a bold color for their property. To fulfill the desire of such homeowners we suggest choosing a strong neutral color and add a bright pop of hue on their front door. The color for the strong neutral will be charcoal and for bright color, lime will be the best choice to get a bolder look for your house exterior.

8-Blue, Red, and Tan

Blue is one of the popular color choices for the home in waterside settings. To add an eye-catching look, you can add red and tan for highlighting the trim and the architectural trims. These color combinations will be best for a lakefront house. Additionally, if you are planning to choose the house color schemes interior, then you should get professional assistance for the guidance.

9-Greige and Teal

You can get the modern look without the usage of color that you might don’t like. To make the right choice, greige, gray, and beige with a selection of teal on the door and natural wood along with stone accents will give you a modern spin for your traditional house.

10-Black and White

Black and white is a universal combination and these two colors never go out of style. No matter what either you are using these both color for an old house or new house, they will give a fresh look to your property. This combination will look prominent against your green lawn.

11-Black and Taupe

Looking to add a twist in your white and black combination? If you think crisp white and classic black look classy, then bringing in the taupe color will warm up the look of your house. It will bring warmth and coziness to your house exterior.

12-Yellow and Blue

Some of the people think that selecting exterior house colors combinations will give a bold look to the house. But if you execute the color right, then it will increase the charm of your property. The aqua blue and mellow yellow combination will play well for the exterior of your house.

13-Brown and Sand

The sandy color act as a muted tone for the house. The brown hue is darker and it will provide a strong visual foundation. To add a punch of color, you can go for red window frames.

14- Taupe, Red, and White

What if we tell you that you can update the look of your property with a simple palette? The white color columns will maintain the charm of your house whereas the soft taupe and red will give it a modern look.

15- Turquoise and White

If you are living in an area with warmer climate, then turquoise is the right option for you. It brings out the sunny sky and sea appearance. Do you think is it too bold? To cool it down go for white accents. This combination is cheerful and bright.

These were the color combinations that you can pick for the exterior of your house. To get the best paint on the exterior of your house, you should contact professional Cape Cod painting company like The Barnstable Painters for the satisfactory results.

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