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Choose The Best Type of Oil Paint Brush For Wall Painting

Jul 19, 2019

Though oil paint brushes often look skinny but they are very effective in painting the walls through the best technique required to set your work. Such brushes are the significant tools in your art arsenals.Hence, the tools must be purchased with great care as you won’t be rustling on every brush you try. 

What to Look for Oil Paint Brushes?

When you head towards the market for buying the brushes, keep in mind the spring and shape resiliency in brushes at first. Having said that a brush should have enough spring to respond well to your hand when you make a stroke. It should give a little but not too much stroke. Adding more to your knowledge, high-quality brushes always retain their shape after use. Only those brushes are best whose brush hairs don’t spread too much when loaded with oily paint and even also don’t spread out when administered. 

What Are The Important Parts of Oil Paint Brush To Look After?

Bristles, handle and ferrule are the three main parts of the oil paint brush. 


Bristles are the tiny hairs on the brush that are basically used to apply the paint. It is the most important thing you should look in all types of oil paint brushes. These bristles can be made up of softer sable which is a kind of soft natural hair. Another common material used for making oil paint brush bristles are stiff hog’s hair. If you give a try before purchasing, you will see the end of the bristles tapering down to the fine edge. Thus, giving you more control over the brush. That’s the right brush for you. But don’t just look for bristles alone, check the ferrule of the paint brush also. 


It is the metal band used to hold the bristles and connect them with the handler. One more thing to avoid while painting with the brush includes complete filling of the bristles. Do not fill the brush with paint up to the ferrule. If you do this, you would be safe from the hard to clean job of dry paint inside the ferrule. Moreover, the bristles would spread out and your brush will lose its point. 


Handles are usually made up of wood or plastic. Different types of paint brushes have different sizes ( short sized, medium sized, or long sized ). Above all these, long handled brushes are the classic kind. This classic paint brush type handle lets you stand some steps back from the paint application area to keep your composition in perspective. One interesting thing is that when you hold the brush close to the end of the handle, it creates a lighter touch on the canvas, wall or any surface you are painting on. Thus, giving a painting more lyrical effect. One can say it as an extension between your and paint application area rather than being a simple painting tool to help you do the wall paint with ease, rather than being a simple painting tool.  

Best Brushes For Oil Based Paint 

Depending upon the functionality, features and different sizes, Bristle and Sable are the two kinds of brushes used for oil painting. You need to select the best one after knowing which oil paint brush you should choose.


These types of brushes are soft to touch and come in different fibers. These fibers can be made of actual weasel hair, rabbit, squirrel or synthetic fibers. No matter which type of material is used to make the oil paint brush, these sable brushes are ideal choice for the smooth blending and fine details. Synthetic version of paint brushes is the best version of all.

You might have heard that bristle brushes are just for oil and sable for watercolor. To some extent, this statement values, but don’t take it too seriously as a rule. According to the Cape Cod painting company sable-type brushes are a wonderful choice for oil painting. But avoid using the same brush for watercolor or oil based paint. This will totally ruin your painted walls, canvas and money too. 


As all brushes have bristles, only the hog’s-hair are sold by the exact name “bristle brushes”. These hog-hair brushes accumulate more paint in bristles that makes the wall painting easy. 

Different Shapes Of Brushes For Oil-Based Wall Painting

Round Shaped Brush 

Round brush is the best option for detail painting of your house walls. However, some artists find it less versatile due to non-varying strokes. But when you are working on the details you need a round brush. This small rounded brush is ideal for the water-based and oil based painting fine and detailed lines. 

Fan Shaped Brush

As the name says it all, it is a fan shaped arrangement of bristles that is specifically designed to blend and subtle texture. The arrangement of hairs is so fine that it can be hard to work with if you are painting with oils, unless the paint is thin. 

Flat Paint Brush 

These long, flat and rectangular shaped brushes carry more paint volume than rounded and fan shaped brushes. It is used to create the smooth edges and sweeping strokes against the wall designing. If used properly, it will help you create fine thin lines. 

Filberts Shaped Brush 

These are flat shaped brushes with rounded sides to create a softer edge and blend better than a flat. To get a feel for how they handle, there some branded filberts that will give your wall a good coverage, and better blend. 

Bright Type Brush 

It is a flat brush with short hairs that gives you much more control on painting designing than simple long flat brushes. These brushes are best if you are thinking of making a branch pattern or fabric or trees. 

This was all about the oil based paint brushes available in different sizes from 0 to 24. The size varies according to the brand. A shortlist of excellent brands for oil based paint brush include:

  • Da Vinic
  • Windsor & Newton 
  • Princeton
  • Robert Simmons

Still confused?  No worries, you can take the assistance from the Cape Cod painters for selection of paint brushes and oil based home painting of your house. Choose the right brush and start painting your walls. 

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