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Colorful Ideas to Paint Your Kitchen Island on Cape Cod

Jun 1, 2021

The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in your Cape Cod MA home, which means that you need to think carefully about how it’s decorated. One of the key decisions that you’ll need to make is what color to paint the island that sits in the middle of the room. Ideally, it will mesh well with the floors, cabinets and other items that you put in that part of the house.

The Benefits of Using Black to Cover a Kitchen Island

It may seem like this hue would be too dark for a space that is meant to be inviting to all who are in your Cape Cod MA home. However, the truth is that it is a color that will never go out of style. Furthermore, it is a color that goes well with almost any other that you decide to use in the kitchen.

Red Surfaces Call Out to You When You Walk Into a Room

While red may seem too aggressive to use in a kitchen, it can help to draw attention to the island in the middle of the room. It is also a color that is unlikely to go out of style in the near future. Ultimately, you can use it as a focal point of the space, which may help to guide other decorating decisions that you might make in that room. For instance, it can help you decide what colors to use when it comes time to start on a cabinet painting project. Ideally, you will use neutral colors on cabinets, floors or backsplashes to create a contrast with the bright center of the kitchen.

Gray Can Be an Effective Alternative to Plain White

White is another color that can go well with almost any others that might already exist in a given space. However, many homeowners find it to be too boring to use within their homes. Fortunately, you can create a neutral look in your home by using light gray instead of white. Although it isn’t as timeless as red, black or white, gray tones can give you additional style options that can help your house look great for the next few years.

Green Can Be an Ideal Substitute for Black

For every homeowner that thinks white is too boring, there is at least one homeowner who thinks that black is too dramatic for their home. The good news is that you can achieve a darker look in your kitchen by using various shades of green. When done properly, this color can make it feel like you are eating breakfast, drinking your coffee or reading the paper outside despite the fact that you’re actually sitting in your own home.

Blue Has a Reputation as a Mellow Color

Another timeless classic, you won’t go wrong using blue to cover your kitchen island. Lighter versions of this color can create a tranquil feel that everyone in your home will come to appreciate. Darker versions of this hue can be used to create a burst of color that might be needed if you use a lot of lighter colors on other surfaces within the space.

Why Should You Choose The Barnstable Painter?

Regardless of the color scheme that you choose for your kitchen, it’s important to hire a quality interior painting contractor to complete the job on your behalf. Our tradespeople have been thoroughly vetted to ensure that they are capable of doing the job right the first time. It’s important to note that we typically hire our workers as employees, which means that we have more control over the processes used to complete a given project. This is another tool that we have to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the work that we do.

We Understand That Time and Money Are Limited Resources

Our team understands that a group of people huddling in your kitchen for hours at a time can create a significant interruption to your daily routine. Therefore, we will do everything in our power to finish a project as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality or the safety of our employees. Fortunately, the elements won’t have much of an impact on an indoor project, which means that we’ll work as many hours per day as you will allow us to.

We will also make sure to adhere to the project budget that is presented to you during your free consultation. If we encounter any problems that may cause us to go over that amount, we will make sure to get your approval before continuing our work.

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

Our crew of interior painters won’t leave your home until you are completely satisfied with the appearance of your kitchen island. If you notice any problems after we vacate your premises, don’t hesitate to reach out to us so that we can fix an issue in a timely manner. In most cases, we won’t charge a fee to rectify any mistakes that we made. It’s important to note that our team is fully insured, which means that you won’t have to pay for any damage that might occur to your property while a project is ongoing.

If you are looking for a painting contractor that will help you transform your kitchen into the centerpiece of your home, call the folks at The Barnstable Painter today. In addition to kitchen islands, we’ll be happy to help with your next cabinet painting project. During your free consultation, we’ll provide you with a price quote, a projected timeline and insight as to what colors will look best in this part of your house.

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