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Exterior Painting Contractors

The Barnstable Painter is the premier exterior painting contractor on the Cape Cod.  With over 30 years of delivering high quality jobs, we are proud to serve the greater Cape Cod area.  Weather in the Cape Cod represents a formidable foe to the exterior of your home. Combinations of sand, salt and wind can wreak havoc on your shingles, siding and trim. Doing the job right ensures a better, longer lasting look that also saves you money.

The Barnstable Painter exterior painting contractors take the following steps when re-painting your home’s exterior:

  • Sand all depleted and peeling paint.
  • Apply a primer coat to seal wood.
  • Replace rot on the following: Doors, windows, bulkheads,
    shingles and siding, rake boards, decks and handrails. (on re
  • Wash the exterior of all windows on every job.
  • Your house will look spectacular.

The Barnstable Painter’s exterior painting contractors work year round, however, during the colder months our progress could be restricted by the weather. Exterior paint is best applied in warm weather. You can trust our experience and knowledge of our products to make sure your job is completed with the best quality.

Any exterior paint job requires safe access to all the areas to be painted. Customers may be required to trim or even remove some bushes or trees if they are too close to the area to be painted. If that is the case, we will determine this during our walk through quote of your project.  We can take care of this for you through our network of local businesses.

Spring is our busy season for exterior maintenance.  Please book your appointment in advance to ensure timely service!

We make it easy.

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