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Five Ways to Make Your Cape Cod Ceiling More Interesting

Aug 2, 2021

As you consider updating your home, don’t neglect the potential of your ceilings. When you hire a Massachusetts painting contractor to work on the ceiling of any room, you enjoy the opportunity to make your home more lovely and unique.

With the help of inside house painters, you can use your ceilings to change the atmosphere of a room and make an interesting statement that conveys your personal style. The following are five suggestions that will result in memorable ceilings and beautiful visual effects.

Create Lovely Contrasts

Contrast is one of the most reliable ways to produce an interesting visual effect. The use of contrast can make your ceiling stand out more while also highlighting other parts of the room.

One option is to paint your ceiling a different color than the walls. Another possibility is to create a contrast between the ceiling and various features in the room, including the architectural trim and the base plates or fixtures for your lighting. For example, you can produce a dramatic effect by pairing a dark ceiling with white trim.

When deciding on contrasts, it’s important to consider every feature in the room and to find ways to work with what’s there. Your ceiling, for instance, may have some lovely exposed beams in dark wood. Rather than painting over the wood, allow their darkness to contrast with a ceiling painted in a light color.

Work With the Ceiling’s Flaws

Especially in older homes, ceilings display imperfections. The surface may be marred by minor cracks, and its overall texture may be rough. Instead of making you feel frustrated, these imperfections may instead inspire you.

One strategy for masking imperfections is to change the texture of your ceiling. Your painting contractor can give your ceiling the texture of stucco or create a mesmerizing swirl pattern. For these textures to look like a natural part of your ceiling, you need the services of professional painters.

The flaws on your ceiling may also prompt you to choose paints with a certain color or finish. Darker colors are typically able to conceal imperfections better than lighter ones. You also want to pick a finish that has a relatively low level of reflectivity, such as a matte finish. In contrast, a gloss finish, which is shiny and highly reflective, will bring out imperfections.

Go With a Darker Choice

People often expect a ceiling to be white or another light color. And there’s nothing wrong with choosing a lighter ceiling. It can still look beautiful and combine with other elements of the room to produce an interesting effect.

It’s important, however, to not make the decision automatically. Before picking a light shade, think about the bold statement you can make with a darker color.

A dark color can look dramatic and elegant. For instance, a home in Cape Cod MA may look especially lovely with interiors in a maritime theme. You can pick a dark blue color for your ceiling and pair it with white walls or trim.

A dark ceiling can also make a room feel more cozy and intimate. It seems to compress the space. This may be an especially desirable effect in a larger room with high ceilings.

Use Beadboard Panels

Beadboard paneling can produce a striking effect when installed on your ceiling. These thin panels, typically made of pine, can be gorgeous when their installation gets carried out properly.

A beadboard ceiling subtly draws the eye and adds visual interest to a room. It also helps evoke a charming and rustic ambiance. Beadboard is especially suitable for a home in New England. It gives you the feeling of a cottage by a beach, forest, or farm.

Although white is the most popular color for beadboard paneling, you can pick from a variety of colors and finishes. Another perk to beadboard is that it’s relatively inexpensive.

Find the Right Metal Tiles

There are important advantages to using metal tiles on your ceiling. They can form a striking pattern, and there are many designs to choose from. You can opt for different colors, such as white, silver, or copper.

Because of the variety of possibilities, you can easily create different moods. Some metal ceilings will contribute to the airiness of a room, making it feel more lofty. Others will evoke the atmosphere of an old-fashioned study or library.

Regardless of your choice, a key advantage to metal tiles is their durability, which includes less vulnerability to cracking and a greater resistance to fire. Assuming you have them installed by reputable professionals, you can enjoy your gorgeous tiles for a long time with little maintenance required.

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