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Have You Considered Chalkboard Paint for a Child’s Room?

Jul 1, 2021

Technology dominates most things in life, so it is important for kids to learn creative ways to play. It is essential to get children off of the video games and the television and to steer them onto a more artistic means of entertainment. Most children love to draw. A fun and exciting way to get your children or grandchildren drawing is to place chalkboard paint on the wall in his or her bedroom or playroom. Interior painters will be able to recommend the best places for this type of paint and other tips that kids will love. Blackboard paint can bring a number of benefits to any Cape Cod home.

Off the Wall Fun

Your children will look forward to drawing or writing on the wall. Besides providing a space to draw pictures, it is a great way for small children to practice writing numbers and letters. However, it is essential to set rules and to make sure that your kids understand that the only place to write is on the chalkboard paint. You can apply the paint to a wall or to a closet door. Your children will have hours of fun getting creative and doodling like little artists.

Create Customizable Furniture

What is more fun for a child than being able to decorate and to customize different pieces of furniture? You can apply this paint to your child’s dresser and toy box. Then, he or she can use colored chalk to draw and to decorate all over these items to create personalized pieces. The best part is that they can be erased over and over so that new designs can be created each day.

Family Togetherness

By applying chalkboard paint to a room’s wall, a large canvas is created for your whole family to have fun times together. Small children love playing with their parents or grandparents. This is an excellent way to spend time together and to let your creative juices flow. As kids watch adults have fun, it encourages them to continue being creative. As previously mentioned, it is a great way to escape video games and other personal devices.

Interesting Chore Chart

Most parents have a difficult time getting their children to do chores. One fun way to get your kids interested is with a chore chart that is written on a chalkboard paint wall. After chores are completed, your child can draw a picture on the block that represents a certain job. At the end of the week, the chart can be erased so that you can start fresh.

Save All of Their Pictures

Although a chalkboard gets erased, it does not mean that you will lose all of your child’s best creations. Thanks to technology, you can grab your phone and take pictures of each piece of art. You can acquire quite a collection. If you have multiple children or grandchildren, have them sign the board so that you remember who completed the artwork.

Cleaning is a Breeze

It is normal for a child to try to write on a wall. Instead of him or her using crayons or markers that are nearly impossible to remove, using chalk is a much better alternative. Thanks to the application of chalkboard paint, it is possible to wipe the area clean without much difficulty.

Other Uses

Chalkboard paint is quite versatile. It can be applied to almost any room of your house. For example, it can be used in your kitchen to highlight a recipe, to leave notes for your family, or to create a shopping list of items that you need at the store. If you work with a painting contractor, he or she can suggest even more decorating ideas.

Working with Professional Interior Painters

When you decide to apply chalkboard paint within your home, you may not have the time or the materials to finish the job. Also, you may not know the exact process of application. This type of paint is available in both powder and premixed containers. A professional can prep the surface correctly and apply the paint evenly. The results will be perfect every time.

If you are interested in hiring a team of professional interior painters in Cape Cod MA, the Barnstable Painter is the company for you. With over three decades of experience, you’ll receive great results. We complete jobs quickly so that there are minimal inconveniences, and we work around your schedule. Also, we offer suggestions to make your home look its best. For an appointment, call us at (508)775-6106.

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