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Interior House Painting Color Ideas for Small Places

Feb 18, 2019

The Barnstable Painters will assist you in selecting the best interior color to enhance the overall look of your small property. Hire them for professional advice today.

Planning to give stylish new look to your small house with paint. Most of the people select the white color to paint their small house but you are not having a limited choice. You can choose various neutral light colors for your house to enhance the look. Every color has its own shade and it will look according to the lighting accessories within the room or in the entire house. Moreover, dark colors can also uplift the architectural interest in a plain room irrespective of its size. To paint your interior, you should avail interior painting service Cape Cod offered by a professional company like The Barnstable Painters.

Painting techniques like color blocking, stencils, accent walls, and striping are some of the options used to get a bigger look for your small house. People choose paint colors according to their own taste. They might select a bold and contrasting color for a daring look or they might play with colors to create something new.

Following are the seven interior painting colors that you can choose for your small areas of your house. These paint colors are offered by Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams, the brands used by our expert team of painters on Cape Cod:

1-Silver Mist 1619 – Benjamin Moore

1619 Silver Mist

Looking to give your living room a cool look to increase its beauty? You should probably pick this gray color for your area. A living room is an important place in your house as it is used for gathering soit should have a nice and cool color for giving a modern look to your area. It will work best for a small living room and the tone matches with a cloud-like gray that will make your small room appear big.

2-Hawthorne Yellow – Benjamin Moore

Hawthorne Yellow - Benjamin Moore

Perfect for a sunny kitchen! The kitchen is a significant part of the house. The Hawthorne yellow is the best choice to be used for your small kitchen in your house. This color will look good with the white subway tiles, white cabinets, and weathered gray tile floor. To get the right shade in your kitchen it is recommended to place a small sample first and then increase the intensity according to your own preference. To get this work done properly it is better to contact interior painters for the job.

3-Coral Gables 2010-40 – Benjamin Moore

Looking for the color that fits well on your cottage or small house front door? You can use this bold color for doors and for the accent in accessories in your house to get an interesting look. This bold color choice will pair well with taupe and navy-blue accents.

4-Green Earth CW-455 – Benjamin Moore

Green Earth CW-455

Having a dedicated room for a workout is rare. Most of the time the workout area is shared with guest rooms, playrooms, and home offices. You should pick a natural color like green earth shade of Benjamin Moore for your yoga studio or home gym because they give you a feeling of energy and provide a great look. Furthermore, you can add natural accessories like stone and bamboo to give your gym space resemblance with spa.

5-Agreeable Gray SW 7029 – Sherwin Williams

Agreeable Gray SW 7029

Wondering to pick one of the best colors for your master suite? Well, we’ve got one for you! You can pick this color by Sherwin Williams as a relaxing treat for your space. Such neutral colors are great option for a soothing and space. This greige color looks best in any light and with many decorating styles. To get a peaceful getaway keep your accessories simple in your small room. For any further guidance, you can get in touch with expert painting contractors for satisfactory results.

6-Alabaster SW 6265 – Sherwin Williams

Alabaster SW 6265

If you are planning to have a striped or stenciled accent wall in a small room to make it look bigger, then this is the best color to go for. With the help of neutral colors, you can add an element of interest in your space. The neutral painted stenciling will help you give you a new look that will attract your attention and you will not focus on the size of the room.

7-Peppercorn – Sherwin Williams

Peppercorn – Sherwin Williams

This will be a good choice to be used for a small bathroom area. If you are having an adequate light in the area, then you can use this charcoal grey shade. But remember one thing that you should add white accents along with rugs and towels to make the charcoal color more appealing.

Hope you like these seven interior colors to be used for your small places within the property. Furthermore, to give an elegant look to your property, contact Cape Cod painting company ,The Barnstable Painters for best painting and many other services.

To know more about our services other than painting, give us a call at (508) 775-6106.

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