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Interior Painting-10 Essential Things You Should Know

Sep 12, 2019

Painting is one of the best ways to add color to your property. The exterior and interior painting will enhance the overall look of your house. If you are planning to paint the interior of your house, then you need to get in touch with an experienced painting company.

Wondering, how to paint a house interior? Before you start your painting project you should be aware of some of the important things that will help you get the best painting for your house. Have a look at the following ten things:

1-Do the Preparation

Early preparation is always good for every task you are going to perform, the same is the case with painting. Preparation work will consume a large amount of time when you are painting the interior of your house. You should tape off all the areas for sharp lines, move your furniture and furnishings, do the repairs, fix all the imperfections, remove the things like switch plates and doorknobs, and protect your floors from the splash of paints.

To get your house interior painted well, you should avail of the interior painting service Cape Cod from an expert painting company in your area. The expert painters will paint your property according to the latest trends and will give a perfect look to your house.

2-Sheen is Essential

The sheen and finish of your paint are having a major impact on the walls. You can select satin, gloss, and eggshell sheen that you can consider for your house. If you are going to paint high-traffic areas, then you need to choose gloss or satin as they are easy to clean. But remember that the wall imperfection will make it more prominent. In addition to this, matte-like finish such as flat will not be cleaned properly but they hide imperfections better.

3-Try Some Samples

It is not easy to guess how good or bad your paint looks on the wall? For a few amounts of money, you can purchase sample paints that you can paint on a small area to test out either paint shade looks good or not. This is one of the important things to know before painting a room. With this practice, you will know how the paint color will look on the surface. Keeping all this in mind, you should spend a few dollars instead of spending a huge amount on buying the gallons of paint to find out that color is not looking good on the wall.

4-Primer is Essential

Prime is one of the important and basic requirements to get the best painting done for your house. If you are planning to add a new color to your walls, then you need to prime your walls well. You can buy a primer and paint as all in one mixture or buy it separately. Primer will add a layer that will allow the paint to adhere better to give a perfect finish.

5-Go for Bold Option

You should not be afraid of using bold colors. Note that you should select the color that will add depth and texture to your room. You must understand the psychology of the color and you should use it for the advantage. If you are looking to choose a calming color for your bedroom, then you should use a blue shade. In addition to this, to avoid any confusion or to gain knowledge of the latest trends, you should connect with a professional painting company to get guidance.

6-Use Rollers to Save Time

A roller may need more equipment like poles and handles but you can do more work with them as compared to the brushes. You should keep one thing in mind that you need to paint in an overlapping W to get better coverage and smooth out roller lines. This is one of the important interior painting tips and tricks that you should remember while painting.

7-Measure Area Properly

It is very important to take the measurement right. You should be measuring the area right to calculate the area. You should add up all the square footage of walls, dormers, alcoves, and a little extra. Furthermore, you should also keep the multiple coats, primers, and porosity of the walls in your mind during the calculation. You should be having some paint leftovers that you might need later.

8-Paint at Corners and Edges

Cutting in also referred to as painting at corners and edges. This will provide you a smoother work when you are going to use large brushes or rollers. You should be doing it after painting large areas that will create uneven lines. You may think that it is a lot of work to do but doing this will give you better end results.

9-Mix Gallons for Uniformity

It is important to mix the gallons to get uniform paint to start the painting. This approach is called boxing. You should do this, to get a uniform color for the painting. You have to just pour the multiple gallons in a large resealable bucket and stir it properly. You should mix them well to get the desired results.

10-Utilize an Extension Pole

It is very difficult to paint on the ceiling or to reach the corner on the roof. You will definitely need ladders for detail work or cutting in at heights. But what if we tell you a convenient way to do the task. You should use an extension pole with a roller placed at the other end to do the painting easily. With this, you can easily reach to surfaces like ceiling without any extra effort.

Hope you will keep these ten important points in your mind when planning to do the interior painting. If you are not able to do it on your own, then you should hire the experienced cape cod house painting company within your area for painting interior home. The experts will be using the right tools and high-quality paints to paint your house interior and exterior for a stylish look.


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