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Choosing a paint color and finish for your home can be a daunting task. John, the owner makes this easy for you by providing in-home color design consultants. They will assess the types of lighting present in each space, determine the amount of traffic and intensity of use, and get a feel for your vision and tastes, room by room. If you have special furniture pieces or artwork you want to match or complement, The Barnstable Painter will go the extra mile to ensure a perfect color match. The sky is the limit when choosing colors, we strive to use and create the perfect colors to fulfill your dreams.

Once you and the designer have decided on the colors and finishes (matte, flat, semi/high-gloss, or eggshell, The Barnstable Painter will provide you with a quote within two days. Our quote will include a detailed description and preparation of the work we will do on your walls and ceilings.  Any special requests you may have, such as the movement and protection of furniture, electrical fixtures, and large pieces of artwork will also be included along with estimated start and completion date. The Barnstable Painter requests a ten percent deposit when you sign the contract. We also request forty percent of the remaining balance when we begin the project and the remaining balance due when you are completely satisfied that your project is done to your exact specifications.

It is customary for our interior painters to take photos of the interior of each and every room, art display and antique placement so that when we are finished with a space, we will replace each item exactly the way it was found.  Out of respect for your privacy, The Barnstable Painter destroys all photos when your project is complete. We ask that the customer remove all breakables from a room before we begin.

Interior Painters Preparation Includes:

  • Removal, covering and complete protection of furniture and carpets   Cape Cod Interior Painters Sandwich Falmouth Dennis Harwich MA
  • Wallpaper removal and wall preparation (if necessary)
  • Drywall and plaster repair and preparation
  • Sanding Removal of dust & debris with tack cloth
  • Primer
  • Primer tint for darker base colors
  • If drastic color change, two coats applied
  • Clean up includes a complete vacuuming of job site and restoration of furniture and pieces according to photos.

We make it easy.

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