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Painting Mistakes That Will Make Your Painting Job Difficult

Jun 13, 2019

Taking pain out of the painting is arduous yet interesting part of the job. Nevertheless, some of the professional and experienced Cape Cod painters have made it as easy as pie. This easiness is not for them but their clients who always look for value, quality and professionalism in their work. Whether its interior, exterior, commercial or residential painting service, The Barnstable Painter has always been the first choice of every Cape Cod citizen. No matter where you live, if you have a low budget we can help you with the best quality paint in reasonable budget.

Coming back to the part for which you came to read here; the painting mistakes that will no more make you mistake. Let’s jot down the list and how to avoid them.

Mistake # One – You Are PassingOver the Preparation Time

This mistake is an absolute identification of non-professionalism. Instead its the difference between DIY and professional project holders. Even sometimes it’s not just the DIY masters who jumps straight to the painting, but the homeowners who are in hassle to make everything done in less time. Apart from your excitement to glaze at the new colors of your house walls, you should always look if the painters spend majority of their time on preparation. Or if you are doing yourself then make sure you have properly cleaned the dust from the walls, scrapped off peels and cracks, and applied painter’s tape carefully.

Mistake # Two -You Are Scrimping On The Brushes/Rollers To Pinch Pennies

Homeowners more or less wonder to save dollars on purchasing the low-quality brushes and rollers. Remember, you can’t perform your best if you go cheap with the basic tools and materials. Brushes/rollers are on top of the list. We would suggest to look for quality brushes.Good rollers/brushes provide better coverage. They save you on paint in the long run. Moreover, once you bought the quality tools, they are worth the swank. They will last for years rather than being of no use after one time application.

Mistake # Three -You Are Using A  Masking Tape In Exchange For Painter’s Tape

Common painting mistakes to avoid are difficult to keep away from, as we are not professionals. We make mistakes and then Google for “ What are the ways to fix uneven paint?”, “How to fix the painting mistakes on wall?” etc. It happens. No matter what the reason, you try to look for alternatives. Same is the case with painting tape. You prefer masking tape on the real painter’s tape.


Pro, like The Barnstable Painters always ask their clients to spend some bucks on high-quality paint, high quality primer, high quality brushes or high-quality tape. Therefore, leave all on the painting experts or use the right tools. Apply the tape with mini scraper or putty knife to remove air bubbles. Seal the edges to prevent drips and  keep the lines sharp.

Mistake # Four – You Started Painting Without Applying Primer

You must have heard about primer but forgot to purchase. Or it was not important in your to-do-list, then you are doing a again a big mistake. Primer is the choice of all the DIY masters and professionals now. Why ? It covers flaws in the surface, gives a smooth texture to the paint and long lasting finish. You may use the paint and primer mixture or can also apply primer first and then paint over it to give a flat finish to surfaces like concrete, glossy paint, wood, plaster, stained wall, and porous wall.

Mistake # Five – You Are Using a Flat Paint in High Traffic Area

One of the ways to avoid common interior painting mistakes is never use a flat paint in high traffic area. For rough and tumbling places ( laundry rooms, closets, cupboards etc), washable satin or semi gloss paints are always a best option.

Mistake # Six – You Started High Gloss Paint Without Sanding

New paint needs some texture to adhere to. Therefore, ensure to gently scuff the shiny surface area with sandpaper after rinsing it with clean water. If you do this mistake of starting high gloss paint without sanding, you are making your job more time consuming.

Mistake # Seven – You Have Plunged Paint Brush Deep Inside the Can

If you know this, its great. But sometimes when we are in a hurry we dip the complete brush into the paint can. Never ever do this mistake. Always dip it only a 1/3rd deep in the can. This way you will get enough paint on your brush without wasting it. Otherwise, paint would be accumulated deep into the bristles, making the cleaning job even tougher.

Mistake # Eight – You Are Painting Without Planning The Starting Area

Smart professionals always paint with proper planning. They apply the paint sequence wise starting from one corner end ending it to another corner end with a perfect finish homeowner was looking for. Keen DIY masters always start from the ceiling corner and work way down for the seamless smooth paint finishing. This way you will be able to catch drips as you work.

Mistake # Nine – You Are Using The  Water-Based Paint Over the Wall Paper

Painting over the wall paper is not abandoned. But we being a professionals recommend to remove the wall paper first and then paint the wall after cleaning it. And if removal is backbreaking then be sure to use oil-based primer first. Don’t make a mistake of using the water-based paint and primer or a mixture on the wall paper. Paint and primer can possibly reactivate the wallpaper glue. Thus, causing hideous peeling.

Mistake # Ten – You Are Not Waiting for The Second Coat

If you paint the second coat too quickly, it would result in paint peeling off. There will also be  visible brush marks ruining all of your previous 3 hours or more hours of hard work. Follow the instructions given on the paint can for drying time estimation between the two coats. Still, unsure? Leave the first coat of paint for next 24 hours and then apply second coat.

Mistake # Eleven –  You Are Ending Up With A Mess- No Clean-Up

Of Course, you are tired at the end of the job. You just simply go to rest and think of dealing with mess later on.

Protect your investment first. Wash the brushes thoroughly with clean water and dish detergent until the paint is completely removed. Let the brush dry and then wrap it airtight plastic bag or aluminium foil. Store it in its original packing so that it retains its original shape. That’s it !

Mistakes !  We all make them. The difference lies in what we do after knowing about our mistakes, how we see them , how we avoid them and how we share with others. All in all, it’s a learning experience. If you have learned from these mistakes then don’t try it yourself, prefer hiring the Cape Cod painting company to stop ending your weekend days with tiredness, incomplete and unprofessional painting job.

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