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Reasons Why Exterior and Interior Paint Color Impact the Home Value

Mar 19, 2019

Your house without any doubt is an important part of your life. People try their best to decorate their home with great effort, time, and investment. They do a lot of things to increase the value and beauty of the property. Furthermore, the increased value of a house helps you in selling your property at a good price.

Does interior or exterior paint increase the home value?

It’s a big yes! To increase the value of your property you need to give it a new look. To get the new look, painting is one of the best ways to do it and enhance the exterior and interior look of your property. Don’t just apply any color to walls of your property. Pick the best for your property. Following are the reasons that exterior or interior paint color impact the home value:

  • You need to select some of the trendy to paint the room of your house.
  • The attractive exterior and interior paint color will grab the attention of the buyer.
  • By painting you can make your house or a room relaxing, bigger, attractive, and more appealing.

If you are looking to get exterior or interior painting service Cape Cod, then you should contact experienced company like The Barnstable Painters for the satisfactory results. You might be wondering, what is the best color to sell a house? In the following blog, we will be looking at some of the best paint colors that you can use to paint the different places of your property to increase the value of your property:

Colors To Pick For Increasing the Value of House

There are many colors that you can pick to enhance the value of your property. Every year companies release their different shades of paint that can help you to make your property better and also increases its value at the same time. Let’s get started:

Exterior Paint

The first impression can leave a huge impact. To get an advantage of the first impression your exterior paint should be attractive along with good quality. It should be loved by the buyer at first glance. Mostly, it is recommended to have Greige Color, it is a color formed as a mixture of beige and light gray. It is one of the best exterior paint color to sell a house. The houses with these exterior paint sell more as compared to tan or brown color homes. But remember these both are also popular choices. Looking on how to choose exterior house color? You can contact professional companies for a good piece of advice.

Front Door

The front door is also one of the important selling points that grabs the buyer’s attention. It is the entry point of your house so, it should be painted well with the best color. To paint your front doors, you should pick colors like dark gray, charcoal, or shade of navy blue. This will give an elegant look to the door. These colors will look best with the Greige exterior paint color making the entire aesthetic appeal great.

Living Room

It is one of the important parts of the house. People spend quality in this area by having a conversation with family members and guests. You might have a question, what are the most popular paint colors for a living room? Generally, neutral colors are more preferred in the living room. One of the best choices that people pick to paint their living room includes pale taupe, oatmeal, or light beige. These color look good with every décor. Moreover, these colors also make room bigger because they are not overpowering or much vibrant.


The kitchen is the central part of the property and some people are very much concerned about the look of their kitchen. Most of the time people think that having yellow or red color for their kitchen is the best option. The reason is these color are known for marketing food brands like Pizza Hut, Burger King, and McDonalds. But the choice for color can be the light blue or gray-blue color. Homes that are having these color in kitchen sell more because these color are even considered appetizing, not too loud, and relaxing.

Dining Room

This room is used for a special occasion but you need to ensure that after seeing it the buyer should feel at home. Some of the best options that you can use to paint your dining room area ranges between slate blue and gray blue. These two color options are the best interior paint color selling a house. Another option that you can choose for your dining room is navy blue and this looks good with wood or rustic décor.


It is also one of the significant parts of the room and it should make people calm to relax properly. To make your buyer more interest to buy your property and to pay more you should choose colors between cadet blue and light cerulean.


If you are looking for another selling point for your hour home, the painting your bathroom with nice color is the next thing to consider. The popular colors that you can pick to paint your bathroom are shades of powder blue, purplish blue, and periwinkle. You can also use these colors for the restroom because they will look good with white or silver appliances.

Now you will be cleared that how much value painting adds to a house. These were some of the best color options that you can pick to paint the different part of your house. These color will increase the value of your property and you can easily sell your home at a good price.

Furthermore, if you are still confused about the selection of color, then you can contact a professional company like The Barnstable Painters.To hire painting contractors Cape Cod and to know more about the service, you can call us at (508) 775-6106.

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