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The Benefits of Power Washing for your Cape Cod HOA

Apr 2, 2021

Most people who move to Cape Cod MA are looking for a place to have an active retirement. Part of the appeal of living in a condominium or another type of HOA is a beautiful, maintenance-free setting. When residents pay their HOA fees, they assume that they will benefit from outdoor amenities that are pristine.

The Importance of Curb Appeal

For over 30 years, The Barnstable Painter has been helping Cape Cod residents improve the look of their homes. As commercial painting experts, we know the importance of a neat, clean exterior. Facilities that receive the proper attention make the whole neighborhood look and feel better.

For an HOA, this is especially important. The spring season is the time when potential residents start looking for a summer home or a retirement location. When they arrive, you want your walkways clear of any salt or sand leftover from winter treatments. You want driveways and sidewalks that are free from pollen, dust and dirt. When people in the market for a new home see that your facilities receive the proper amount of care, they are much more likely to invest.

Your current residents will also appreciate your efforts to keep things clean. Attractive grounds show your members that they are getting the most from their HOA fees. Providing a visible sign of your efforts will increase their trust in the organization’s leadership and give them pride in their community.

The Advantages of Pressure Washing

After years on the Cape, our team and clients have come to see the benefits of using high-pressure water to clean outdoor surfaces. With a strong stream of water, we can remove many impurities without increased wear and tear. You will enter the spring season with a facility that looks fresh and new.

Powerful, Safe Cleaning

Cleaning with pressurized water is an ideal way to handle most solid surfaces. Substances like concrete and composite materials are designed to handle the elements. They can easily withstand our powerful spray without damage. However, dirt, moss and other impurities wash away quickly.

It is important to understand the distinction between pressure and power washing. Power washing uses high pressure, but it also involves hot water. In some situations, additional heat is necessary to remove challenging impurities like grease or mildew. However, high temperatures can damage sensitive surfaces, so it is not an all-purpose tool.

Pressure washing uses cold water that will not impact solid surfaces like wood, PVC or composite materials. The dirt and dust from the winter season simply wash away. The high pressure allows water to blast grime out of cracks and crevices. This ability gives you a uniform clean.

A Fast Process

Maintenance in an HOA can be a challenge. On the one hand, residents want well-maintained spaces. On the other hand, they do not want the inconvenience of parked contractor trucks or amenities that are off-limits for cleaning. Our washing process gives you a maximum clean in minimal time.

When our crew arrives at your location, they can get started right away. A season’s worth of pollen, sand and dirt will wash away quickly. Because we only use water, there is no delay between the treatment and a return to regular use. On a sunny day, sidewalks and driveways dry out fast. Even benches made of composite material will provide a clean, dry seat in a short amount of time.

An Environmentally Friendly Clean

Cape Cod is a beautiful place to live. Its mix of scenic seashores, freshwater ponds and woodlands provide the perfect setting for nature-loving residents. Also, the Cape is home to several protected estuaries, wetlands and other fragile ecosystems. Throughout the region, care for the environment is a concern.

Cleaning with water minimizes the environmental impact of our process. As we wash away dirt and grime, the water can seep safely into the ground or flow into rainwater drainage systems. Your HOA leadership and residents can rest assured knowing that you are not causing a problem as you keep things clean.

Another environmental benefit is that washing with pressure uses less water than other cleaning treatments. It is the force of the water and not the volume that makes this cleaning technique effective. Using less water is better for the local water table.

A Cost-Effective Choice

The leaders of an HOA must always be on the lookout for savings. Pressurized water cleaning is an efficient way to maintain the look of your location. This powerful technique clears the treated surface so that you are starting from scratch. Over a year, it will take fewer treatments to maintain your facility. You will spend less of your residents’ fees on cleaning so that you can invest in other amenities.

Working with a Professional Partner

It can be tempting to go out, rent equipment and try to handle the cleaning task on your own. However, working with a professional partner is the smart way to handle this project. With years of experience, our team knows how to work with pressurized water equipment so that the task is effective and safe.

As a painting contractor on the Cape, we know the challenges of maintaining surfaces in this unique climate. Our experienced technicians will work with you to determine the best way to care for your location and an appropriate cleaning schedule. If it is time to get your HOA grounds ready for the spring and summer, The Barnstable Painter is ready to help. Contact us today for more information.

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