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Trend of Two-Toned Wall Painting That Everyone Will Love

Apr 17, 2019

Whether you are buying a new home or thinking of renovating an old home, painting is goldilocks to any of homeowner. No matter what is your budget and what ideas you have, try to forget about antique rotten objects and think of little square of blue, oblong of pink, streak of yellow and some beautiful two-tone wall paint ideas.

What is Two-Tone Paint?

If you haven’t come across this two-tone paint term before, then let me tell you how you can paint the walls of your living room, bedroom and entire house with two tones. Its concept is easier than you think. This term means that you can use the two colors for painting your house out of which one main paint goes over the entire walls/ceilings while other paint is used to juice up the main paint with second color.

Hold on!

We are not talking about accent walls here. That’s an entirely different gossip. However, the two tone paint ideas for bedroom come into reality when you just color the baseboards, and do casing around the doors with different colors. The most common color used for doors is WHITE. This white transform the look of your house from boring moment to whoa moment.

Cost of Two-Toned Paint

For those who unaware of the two-tone paint cost, let me tell you that it costs more, adds a lot more time to your paint job. It’s because the painters have to mask off the several switch paint options to achieve the desired look.

Despite the fact, that this paint is costly, people buy it. Its because the two-toned wall painted living room, bedroom or TV lounge gives a discernible expression and contrast to an otherwise homochromatic view. Moreover, the addition of two different painting colors to the top and bottom of walls duplexes the various paint options.

Therefore, it’s a time to add topnotch in depth two-toned home painting in your next project.

How to Begin with Two Tone Paint Process

When it comes to two-toned painted rooms, two tone walls bedroom or two-tone walls living room, the basic idea behind all these is to add contrast and interest into your space. Nonetheless, confusion begins when you are not sure from where to begin the process.

Let’s begin together!

There are number of two-tone wall colors examples. But balance is a key to achieve the smoother two-toned look. You may choose one bold color for bottom half of the wall while keeping things little bit more reserved for the top half of the wall.

If you already have a neutral color palette in your home, you can consider soft muted tones in the room to keep the overall aesthetic. On the contrary, if the home has a bold color story, then you can have a little more fun with your two-paint choices.

Things You Need to Consider When Painting Two-Toned Walls

With numbers of two-tone paint ideas for living room, you can move forward with any idea your painters suggest you.

Color Selection Affects the Two-Tone Walls

As far as the selection of the paint color is concerned, choose wisely. This can either make or break the entire look of your home that you wish to achieve.

For instance, if your room is divided in beadboard sections, then it would be better to paint the top half with one color and bottom half with another contrast color. Hence, making a style statement with subtle colors.

Else, lighter tones in shades of Muslin and Mascarpone will create a sleek, two dimensional and visually complex look. However, for more dramatic look, you can select two bright colors that will give a striking look to your home. Being said that, classic white on the top and jet black on the bottom of walls will give eye-catching appearance. It is the perfect look for modern design style.

The perfect ratio creates the perfect balance i.e. one can consider choosing one color as the majority paint color while creating the bold stripe on the top of the walls with different color.

Last but not the least, lighting of the room and some metals or decorative in the room also affect the appearance of two-toned walls. So carefully, select the lightning colors to make your paint stand out. Though, it might seem like an easy project but you will have to call in the professionals to get the paint job done right. They’ll give the quick finishes and use quality paint to give an outstanding look to your house.

Prefer Hiring Professional Painters for this Job

The professionals exactly know what ratio should be considered to achieve the look their client is looking for. They know how to navigate the paint world and merge the two colors that they appeal as a perfect two-toned visual.

Moreover, getting out of your comfort zone you can also choose the two different lighter or darker shades of the same color. If you are not sure which is trendy two-toned paint and which paint will suit your living area or bedroom walls then take help from the designers and professional painters.

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