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What Color Should You Paint a Small House Exterior?

May 20, 2019

Small house can wear its minuscule size majestically. From classic to bold exterior paint colors, there are various styles to inspire from. These colors add curb appeal to the house whether its small or large. However, selection of the right exterior color can be crucial. It’s even more vivid to beautify the front doors and lobby as first and last impression on the visitors. And paint can turn your tiny condo/apartment or a house into a sailing ship becalmed worthy house.

Now, you must be thinking which color is best for house exterior? And what color should I paint my house exterior?

Today, we are going to answer your questions and share some of the classic favorites that will help you to perfectly tone the house exterior. Only then you will be able to decide the best exterior house paint colors.  

Most exterior paint color combinations on small house are two – one for the bulk of the house and the other is to enhance the trim and special features of the house.

Make Your Property Stand Out with Ivory +White+ Aqua

Well-proportioned homes draw a line of elegance, heritage and rectitude. However, the bright blue door spotlights the elegant architecture of the entryway. Being said that, Ivory in combination with white is all-time trending tradition for any home at any place. This type of paint color combinations softens the surroundings.

Choose Smooth and Chocolaty Dark Enough Paint

Painting the home with the dark color is on and off the tradition. This dark chocolate colored paint in combination with tan gives a warm and welcoming vibe. Because of its timeless stay and being less harsh to the eyes, it won’t go easily out of style. Therefore, never hesitate to choose the light, medium or neutral tan in combination with brown shade for a small house. Though, it looks great on large houses and better paired with soft greens, yet creamy white paint natural style is still favorite of all.

Make a Perfect Contrast with Black + White+ Ruby Red

If you want to make your house look like a symbol of love and peace, then always go for vibrant, brick red, or ruby-red colored perfect contrast. It will give a traditional look to the dark-brown timber and white stucco Tudor-style palette. Whatsoever you decide on your house will surely have a fashion-forward, curbside appeal that no other house in the neighborhood would have. It will give a bold look and more of kind strike back feel to the eyes.

Make Your House Adorable with Grey + White + Dove Color Combinations

Grey, our favorite neutral tone of every modern day. Not just because it is easy to paint, but it also adds mysterious, and classic look to the historical house. Cottage-y touches along with cutouts on the shutters on a brick path give your home a classic Cape Cod exterior paint appeal.

Opt For Sage Green and White Paint Color Combination

Dark base colors like green give warm and muted huge work well on a small house. Especially, off-white or beige highlights the trim and architectural accents in the outdoor surroundings (bushes, vines and trees). In addition to this, you can also paint the wooden front door with off-white color theme.

Give a New Twist to the Small House with Deep Sea + White +Red

Historic houses if painted with a deep sea through hands of exterior painters on Cape Cod, will look awe-inspiring. Painting the staircase with champagne red with white windows and corners of the house make your small house look bigger. Overall look would be more sparkling and bolder rather than a normal color combo.

Expand the Look of a Small House with Black + White + Mediterranean Blue

Inspired from the Cape Cod Islands and greenery, this exterior wall paint color combination gives an elegant and modern look to the house exterior. It showcases if the exterior of the house is so beautiful, how interesting would be the interior house colors to view. You can paint the exterior wall white, front door with a bold pop of a bluebell framed black.

Paint Home with Black- Classiest of all Colors

Bold, midnight black is the color of hope. Indeed, black is love. If you want an answer to a question that what is the most popular color for a house exterior? Then, black is the answer to it, as it is the classiest of all colors. If painted right with white doors and windows, it will give more sophisticated look to your home.

Play with Adorable Yellow + White + Black Color Combinations

A classic look for the classic family home is only possible through classic colors. Yellow is in-fashion color that makes everyone smile. It may not be the best to dress your bedroom in but surely outshine the entire exterior look of your house. It emphasizes on the architectural features of the brick cottage having black trim on the porch windows adds depth and style.


If still unsure how to choose exterior paint colors for your house? And want to give the painting job to the professionals of your town, then always hire an experienced and the quality exterior painting service firm that uses best-quality painting products and materials to give an attractive look to your small house. If they are really professional, they will make your small house center of attraction for everyone.

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