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Why Exterior Painting and Deck Staining are Crucial for Summer Parties

Mar 13, 2019

When to stain a deck?

When to stain a deck? If planning for summer parties, then this can be the right time to do it. When you throw a party you need to do the following things:

  • Clean the entire kitchen
  • Declutter the living room
  • Check your bathrooms

You should do these things before guests arrive. Moreover, you should also place hand towels and tilt the blinds to let some soft natural light enter your property.

The deck is important part of your house so you should make it better by cleaning it or painting it.  To make your gathering special, spending quality time on your deck is the best thing. You can use this place to grill out and enjoying a bonfire to make some new memories. To do all this, your deck or patio should be a good condition and should ready to host the parties.

Your next question will be how often to stain a deck? The answer is linked with special event or gathering happening within your property. When planning to do part, you should tidy up your property for outdoor hosting. If you are not prepared, then you can contact a professional company like The Barnstable Painters to make it ready. Exterior painting is one of the great ways to do the task. The wood staining will provide a clean outdoor hosting space.

Benefits of Exterior Painting and Staining

The numerous benefits of regular painting and staining are listed below:

  • It provides an attractive look to your outdoor area.
  • It also provides protection to your outdoor spaces from the seasonal elements.
  • Timely and regular maintenance save you from costly repairs.
  • It protects the deck from the moisture or humidity problem in summer. Proper cleaning, sanding, and sealing will protect wood from degradation.

If you are planning to make your deck or patio ready for the summer party, then following are things you need to do.

Deck Staining

To make your deck a better place and gather your guest you need to follow the below tips:

1-Forecast Weather

The wood stain will not be attached well with the soggy wood. It can crack or peel off instantly. You should apply the stain to wood when there is no rain. You should see the forecast of weather to get the know how about the wood staining job. What will be the best temperature to stain the deck? Check the forecast of at least two days and temperature should be between 50° F and 90° F. Remember one thing, don’t do staining in direct sunlight because it will dry soon before wood absorbs it.

2-Preparing Surface

Before you do the painting, the wood should be dust-free and stain-free. Begin with the sanding splintered spots. For this task, you should wear a safety mask to avoid inhaling of dust. To clean between the borders use the deck or utilize a putty knife. Clean the deck through deck cleaner or go for pressure washing. Let the deck rest for three days.

Furthermore, for exterior painting preparation help, you can contact professional companies. The skilled crew will do the job right.

If your deck was built before 2004, then it is recommended to hire professionals. In 2014, the deck was made of lumber-pressure treated with Chromated copper arsenate (CCA) that prevents insect and rot problem.

3-Usage of Right Brushes

Synthetic brushes are the best choice for working a water-based stain into the wood. On the other hand, the natural bristles are hollow and loose their rigidity because they absorb the water in the finish. Thinking to use a roller? Use one with a nap that is ¼ inch or less than that. This will help the thin layer of satin to attach well without pooling. To get your property painted properly, you can also search for exterior painting contractors near me on a search engine to look for best companies in your area.

4-Select Right Stain Type According To Wood

Every stain type is having its own advantages. Staining deck over old stain can be difficult if your wood is coated with a solid stain. In this situation, you can’t apply the semi-transparent or clear stain on the existing stain. Solid stain closes the wood pores that prevent semi-transparent or clear stain to get soaked into the wood. Moreover, a solid stain can be applied to any type of stain.

5-Applying Thin Coats

If you are going to use many gallons for the task, then you should mix them properly to ensure color consistency. You should select the best paint for a wood pool deck. To stain the two or more board at the same time, use long and smooth strokes. You should apply solid stains in thin coats and semi-transparent stains or clear sellers even when applying thinner coats. This approach will help you to avoid puddles because the paint will not soak in wood and will make a stain to flake off when dried. No matter which type of a stain you use, always apply two coats to get a smooth finish and no missed spots.

Care for Patio

The paint of your patio will fade away with the passage of time due to the regular use. The simple wear or tear along with dirt or dust accumulation is common. When you are planning for arranging summer parties, then you should bring your patio in good condition to save yourself from embarrassment.

By painting your patio you will give a new look to your area. Before you paint them, you should begin with pressure washing and removing the old paint. To avoid additional water damage you should seal the cracks. If you are not able to decide the right paint for your color, then you should contact professionals for the right advice.

This was a brief to make your deck or patio ready for the summer events. To learn more about the exterior house painting Cape Cod, you can contact professional painters, The Barnstable Painters. The skilled crew will do the painting job using the right equipment and techniques.

To know more about the painting service along with interior or exterior painting Cape Cod, call us at (508) 775-6106.

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